Who we are

LAMA SIX is a creative studio that couldn’t be boring if we tried. We lend our distinctly thoughtful style and inclusive approach to brands that want to stand out.

What we do

  • Visual identity
  • Branding
  • Social design
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Motion graphics
  • Copywriting
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Advertising design

What clients say about us

  • “Working with Lama Six on The Difference was easily one of my best collaborative experiences in all my years as an entrepreneur. They have fantastic, out of the box ideas, while also being very structured and punctual, and excellent on executing”
    - Bea, The Difference
  • “Working with the Lama Six team has been one of the best decisions our brand has made. From ideation to design, and from build to launch, they truly became an extension of our team who helped us build a beautiful website and corresponding collateral that truly represents the ethos of Clarity.”
    - Serena, Clarity


  • Match Group
  • OZY
  • L'Oreal
  • essie
  • Valve Corporation
  • Steam
  • The Lean Startup
  • Clarity Staffing
  • The Difference
  • Tradiies
  • Arsenal
  • Mirra
  • Financial Fiduciary Group
  • Flor de Maria
  • Sked Social
  • Curious Elixirs
  • Bustle
  • The OMG
  • Cardstack
  • Monegraph
  • Fellow Barber
  • Chomps
  • TK Kader
  • Reia


We work with people who are undeniably bright, focused, honest, and quite frankly fun. We bring together diverse collaborators with the common denominator being an unapologetic mastery of skills and a sense of adventure.

Founding partners

Photo of Isla Bell Murray, Creative Director and CEO

Isla Murray
Creative Director, CEO

Isla is an inspiring and inventive creative leader who focuses on using design, perception and empathy as tools for courageous innovation. Previously the Creative Director at Bustle, the largest millennial women’s publication, reaching 50M unique visitors a month, she has a masterful sense of visual design, photo and video direction and content creation. Isla gets some of her imaginative wisdom from her background in Behavioral Psychology, which allows her to understand, interpret and express the people who interface with her work.
Photo of Maximillian Kirchoff, Managing Principal

Maximillian Kirchoff
Technical Director, COO

Max is a rare breed of creative technologist, drawing on his thoughtful and engaging presence to guide and support the execution of bold, new ideas. He has worked across design, technology and product - unifying technical understanding, empathic nuances and firm business realities. Max isn’t afraid of hard conversations in multiple languages, in fact he enjoys them. While at Google, he operated across many groups and worked to build tools that answered immediate business needs, impacting the day-to-day of thousands of engineers.


Photo of Mary Blount

Mary Blount
Art Director

Mary Blount has 8 years of design experience, ranging from art direction, branding, illustration, animation to 3D design. When she's not designing, she loves to play music and hang out with her cat, Gnocchi.
Photo of Amber Case

Amber Case
Design Director

Amber is a designer and director with a focus on logo design, typography, visual identity systems, and branding. She has worked with clients in beauty, luxury, fashion, art, lifestyle and service industries. She brings relevance and style to brands through a playful and considered approach. Previous agencies included: Mucca, Collins, and Spring Studios.
Photo of Allison Gore

Allison Gore

Allison Gore is an illustrator, designer, and occasional cartoonist based in Brooklyn, NY. She has over ten years of experience in print and digital design, working with clients in music and event production as well as fintech and digital media. She creates beautiful, fun and inspiring illustration.
Photo of Marie Michèle Marcoux

Marie Michèle Marcoux

Marie Michèle had been teaching marketing and advertising for over 10 years before coming back to her first love, design. Her studies in fashion and graphic design, coupled with her experience in marketing and advertising, allow her to understand her clients and their customers fully. She enjoys working on branding, logos, corporate materials, advertisement and website elements. As a digital nomad, Marie Michèle draws inspiration from the countries she travels to and the people she meets along the way.
Photo of Linsey Peterson

Linsey Peterson
Brand Designer

Linsey Peterson is a New York City based designer focused on creating bold, fun and unique brands for passionate people. With years of experience in digital agency settings, she helps brands bring their identities to life through app and web design. She loves illustrating whenever she gets the chance and finds inspiration from her love of travel, food, wine and puppies.
Photo of Melissa Small

Melissa Small
Designer, Artist

Melissa Small is a designer, artist, and creative director with an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Melissa has over ten years of design & brand strategy experience, with a portfolio including visual identities, printed collateral, website and application design. She thrives in a collaborative environment, seeks open-ended problems, and loves color. Melissa has a knack for designing scalable systems from scratch, especially if there's room to draw upon her formal training as a painter.
Photo of Wendy Steiner

Wendy Steiner
Copywriter, Comic

Wendy Steiner is a Brooklyn-based copywriter, content strategist, and stand-up comic. The proud Jewpanese entertainer’s past work at Refinery29, The Bold Italic, and terrible open mics have made her as sharp and observant as they come. While she doesn’t do impressions on stage, she will gladly help you discover and powerfully communicate in your own voice.