How We Build Your Visual Identity

We believe that what we do should not be a mystery. We also believe you should be there with us every step of the way. Our process is highly collaborative and as transparent as possible.

We developed our process after seeing the frustration that many had working with an agency or individual. They would give the agency a brief or just some loose objectives, the agency would disappear for a while and return with a hit-or-miss piece of creative work. It’s a dream, to be sure, until it’s a nightmare… which it often is.

Knowledge is power, and we want to give you as much power as possible throughout our relationship. We believe that you are part of our best work.

Collaboration is at the heart of eveything we do.

Our Process

PHASE 1. Branding workshop

We collaborate with you to define the goals and mission of your brand, which serves as the foundation of your unique perspective. We lead a workshop of ideation and definition, to understand your brand, existing problems or challenges, and strategic positioning.

At the end of this process, you have a clear idea of your brand and we will craft a Creative Brief together.

PHASE 2. Design research and moodboarding

We immerse ourselves in the environment of your brand in order to plan for the factors that determine its success, including analyzing your target audience and closely studying the market & potential competitors.

We craft several stylistic directions that express your brand’s positioning and goals which we present as moodboards. Our moodboards are compilations of visual inspiration pulled from various sources that allow us to be more precise with the visual choices and align stakeholders under the same visual language.

We lead a session where we discuss the moodboards and select the direction you wish to pursue.

PHASE 3. Concepting

Based on the decided direction, we build your unique look and feel. We craft your logo, explore color, typography, and other visual elements. We mock-up the concepts in real-world examples to allow you to see how your brand is expressed in context.

We present the concepts, lead a discussion on them and then you select the direction you wish to move forward with.

PHASE 4. Refinement and iteration

We further develop the direction and work over the details. Our design team refines your brand’s visual personality down to the exact hue, tint, tone, and shade.

Your feedback is integrated through rounds of refinement and iteration until we have created an ideal representation of your brand’s visual identity.

We deliver your visual identity along with a PDF guide that explains how to deploy and maintain the new system. This includes your brand’s logo, colors, typography, and any other visual elements.

PHASE 5. Using the design system

We advise you on strategically presenting your brand. Depending on our agreement, we design your website, app UI, social media, advertisements, packaging, business cards, or other materials. We guide you in finding smart moments where your brand can and should be expressed most effectively.

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