You're the innovator, we're the differentiator.

We partner with select startups and small businesses to create bold branding and compelling design.

We set aside space in our books for up-and-coming entrepreneurs who are ready to start the wild ride.

Our start-up partners are select pre-funded or early stage startups. Businesses must have less than 8 employees or have less than $2mm in funding to qualify.
Brand for Start-ups $10,500
A strong brand is one of the core components of any sucessful consumer facing company. We will work with you to visually express your unique POV. Crafting you a custom look and feel that speeks to your audience, and sets you apart from the competition. At the end of this process you will have a logo, color palette, type styles and also supporting design elements. To fit into a startup budget we have scoped back our standard visual identity offering to fit within a startup budget. We have 2 rounds of design and 2 creative directions.
+ Landing Page $8,000
A landing page for launch! This is not a full-blown website. But its everything you need to get people excited for your upcoming product launch.
+ Social Guide $4,500
Everything you need to kick-off your social! Branding for instagram, facebook and youtube or pinterest. Including up to 3 templates and guide on what to post.
+ Custom Deck $5,500
Make that money honey! A beautifully styled, compelling pitch deck that’s up to 15 pages long! This will be delievered as a working file so you can updated it as needed.
Sometimes all you need is a killer deck!
Deck Template $3,000
We have designed ALOT of pitch decks. We know raising money can hinge on looking like you have your shit together. This is our most afforadable option. A 15 page deck template with custom fonts and colors picked just for you, that will feel "on brand" for your product. The deck can be delivered in keynote or powerpoint.

Our clients run the gamut of wildly successful apps to beautiful consumer goods, groundbreaking media platforms to giants in software and gaming.

We ideated with Match Group and Betches Media to launch a new dating app, providing creative direction and strategy as well as producing digital ads for their launch.


With this visual identity we pushed the boundaries of expected, frilly beauty visuals and illustrations to capture immediate attention and represent the radical ethos of this particularly inclusive community and founder.

SKED Social logo on blue

We brought life to Schedugram's transition to their new name Sked Social with a fresh, powerful, new visual identity and website. Their business pivot was captured well in this colorful expression of delight.

We need to know what you’re all about, because we don’t just work for anyone who writes us a check.

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