• Brand & visual identity
  • Web Design
We worked with Tradiies on their brand identity to position them as a place for beauty creatives to claim their professional power. We molded a bold visual identity that spoke to a highly visual audience and established Tradiies as a rare mix of best and coolest in class. From their logo and typography to their Instagram strategy, all aspects of their brand identity hinted at being leaders of a new, business model that champions the individual creative spirit.
Isla Murray, Amber Case
Graphic that says 'Beauty Means Business' in black type on a hot pink background
A photo of a woman with a septum peircing and glasses
Tradiies's icon that is two of the letter I next to each other, like friends
Tradiies's logo, which is a wordmark of the same name
A screenshot of the Tradiies's Instagram profile, it looks fun and exciting