1. Building teams & relationships that matter

With Serena Bartolucci Rubino
We are joined by Serena Bartolucci Rubino of Clarity Recruiting to talk about how they build teams based on values, why relationships matter across your career and how Clarity has expressed its mission through its culture and brand experience.

Serena is the Director of Communications for Clarity Recruiting, a woman-owned, boutique recruiting agency. Since 2000, Clarity’s goal has been to simplify the recruitment process in order to build better teams, the human way. Their approach to recruiting and staffing centers on the experience of the people behind the numbers and jobs, focusing their efforts on building relationships on trust and values.

More about Clarity Recruiting - https://clarityrecruiting.com

A podcast about people from Lama Six.

People and relationships are often an ignored part of business, marketing, design and our lives in general. They are at the core of every successful startup, compelling campaign, and any big idea that is worth spreading. We’re sitting down with entrepreneurs, creatives, marketers, artists and others to talk about their passion, their process, and how to focus on the people and relationships that matter.

Hosted by Isla Murray & Max Kirchoff

Cover your body in People Not Things

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