8. Pursuing self approval

With Alexandra Hammond
Alexandra Hammond is a communications designer working at the intersection of image, stories and physical space, to enhance our understanding of the interconnectedness of all ideas, beings, places and objects. She works with businesses, organizations and individuals with purpose, who serve people and the planet as well as their own bottom line. Alexandra holds a bachelor’s degree from New York University and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts.

You can see Alexandra's work at https://agency.alexhammondstudio.com/.

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A podcast about people from Lama Six.

People and relationships are often an ignored part of business, marketing, design and our lives in general. They are at the core of every successful startup, compelling campaign, and any big idea that is worth spreading. We’re sitting down with entrepreneurs, creatives, marketers, artists and others to talk about their passion, their process, and how to focus on the people and relationships that matter.

Hosted by Isla Murray & Max Kirchoff
EPISODE 8   •   Pursuing self approval
We spoke with Alexandra Hammond about pursuing and defining self approval in life and work.
Aug 18th 202034mins
EPISODE 7   •   Building character into your business
Jason Harris, CEO of Mekanism & author of The Soulful Art of Persuasion, joined us for a chat on building character, the balance of social good and getting paid, and being vulnerable with clients.
Apr 24th 202042mins
EPISODE 6   •   Influencer marketing
Alyssa Kaplan joined us to share her experience and insights in influencer marketing and on starting her own project, The Scrunchie Club that sources creative influencers for signature scrunchies.
Apr 16th 202030mins
EPISODE 5   •   The future of work
Conor Miller joined us to talk about the future of work which includes his research and projects that aim to inform and guide businesses and individuals through this new era.
Mar 4th 202040mins
EPISODE 4   •   Community building as a start-up
Nikki and April Dominguez, co-founders of Handsome, joined us to talk about their experience as start-up entrepreneurs, from building relationships with investors and their peers to how they deal with critical feedback.
Feb 12th 202048mins
EPISODE 3   •   Purposeful dating & relationships
We were joined by Lily Womble of Date Brazen to chat about how she works with people at all stages of life as they navigate dating.
Jan 28th 202043mins
EPISODE 2   •   Personal brand
We are joined by Rachel Charlesworth, founder of Icono, to chat about personal brand, the importance of making the right impression when you're in the room and when you're not.
Jan 28th 202039mins
EPISODE 1   •   Building teams & relationships that matter
We are joined by Serena Bartolucci Rubino of Clarity Recruiting to talk about how they build teams based on values, why relationships matter across your career and how Clarity has expressed its mission through its culture and brand experience.
Jan 28th 202037mins
EPISODE 0   •   Welcome to People Not Things!
We're launching our very own podcast! Wooooooooo! We aim to inspire entrepreneurs, marketers and creatives to explore how people are the critical connection of our work, and ask why we often take them for granted.
Jan 27th 202011mins

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